Rulerships with one small exception (Scorpio) agrees with modern inclusive rulerships. By inclusive is here meant that double rulerships are given for signs that are considered to have a modern ruler (i.e., Pisces having both Jupiter and Neptune for rulers).

Rulerships in zodiacal orderEdit

These are the rulerships in zodiacal order:

  • Aries — Mars
  • Taurus — Venus
  • Gemini — Mercury
  • Cancer — Moon
  • Leo — Sun
  • Virgo — Mercury
  • Libra — Venus
  • Scorpio — the dwarf planets and Mars
  • Sagittarius — Jupiter
  • Capricorn — Saturn
  • Aquarius — Saturn and Uranus
  • Pisces — Jupiter and Neptune

Let it be noted that these rulerships are tropical, not sidereal.

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