The Tetractys is a triangular arrangement of ten points associated with the Pythagoreans. It is here given in an planetary variation. 

The Tetractys Edit

This is the arrangement of the planetary Tetractys. The sign for Pluto is used here to represent all five dwarf planets.

☽    ♄

♀    ☋    ♂

♃♇    ♆    ♅    ☊☿

The order of the planetsEdit

It is to be read as starting in the lower left corner, with Jupiter and then followed clockwise Venus, Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Mercury/Caput, Uranus, Neptune and ending with the Pluto (the dwarf planets).This order is not chronological per se but should be understood as relating to phases of a process.

The role of CaudaEdit

Cauda in the center could be interpreted in different ways but would among other things signify the idea of catalyst; that which partakes in a process but is itself not changed by it. Cauda is that which the process revolves around

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